Who am I? A brief introduction

Margaret Fulton

My very first thought about this blog was ‘Why will people read this?’ the following thought was ‘What could I say that would interest anybody?’

The solution was immediately apparent, I introduce myself to you and then invite you, the reader, to send me ideas and thoughts which will cue me as to which directions you would like me to take.

So here goes…

I am Margaret Fulton, a registered counsellor and divorce and family mediator living in Cape Town, South Africa. My journey in the mental health field began with a counselling course at the Nicro Women’s Support Centre in 1997. Inspired to take up psychology professionally, I went back to university at the age of 43 and graduated from UCT in 2002 with a Psychology Honours degree.

After a stint in high school teaching, I went on to do various courses in divorce and family mediation, individual, couples and family counselling and play therapy. By 2011 I was counselling and mediating at FAMSA, and finally, in 2013 I registered with the HPCSA as a counsellor and opened up a small private practice. I still work part-time at FAMSA as a mediator and counsellor.

Now that you know a bit more about my professional background let me give you a glimpse into my understanding of psychology broadly and human relationships in particular. And ultimately that famous and devastating human duo, DEPRESSION & ANXIETY. I look around me and see lots of unhappy faces. Many of those unfortunate people take some sort of medication, usually in NSSRI or SSRI ranges. HMMM….’Ideally’, they say ’you should do therapy and medication because pills aren’t going to solve your problems. You have to learn to do that, and that’s what therapy’s about.

I’ve heard of therapists who incorporate a range of practices in their therapy, CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy), Mindfulness, Relaxation techniques, Mindful Breathing exercises…the list is as long as a piece of string…

What do you need from your therapist/counsellor? The one who doesn’t prescribe the medication (that’s done by a doctor, your GP or a specialist).

So that’s my opening question for this blog: What do you need want and need from a therapist/counsellor?

I’ve just realised that it’s soon ‘Valentine’s Day and thought it would be nice to sprinkle some love flowers and glitter into the blog space.

Have a good month and catch you next month xxx

3 thoughts on “Who am I? A brief introduction

  1. Having being blessed watching your journey in life, you have been my rock in so many ways and reading your blog today has made me smile, hugs and good luck on becoming a blogger

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